Blog-ginity … taken.

I knew today would be the day, I could feel it; as I sat at my desk at work and “google’d”;  worlds smartest phrases to help me take the plunge. “How to name a blog”,” how to pick a blog topic”, “100 most popular blogs”, “can a blog be a journal”, “where is the ‘how-to handbook for blogs’ “, “will someone write my blog for me”, “is ryan gosling single” (okay the one was a joke but let a girl dream). After reading about a dozen posts from a dozen top rated blogs. I needed a serious coffee break. And a nap.

THEN, just like it does every morning, when I’m hitting the snooze and contemplating IF I’ll get out of bed, that damn, ever-so-famous Nike slogan slapped me in the face once again; JUST DO IT.

SO, now that I had wasted 4 hours of quality company time reading posts about ‘geeky chic gadgets’, and ‘make up how to’s’. I had to do myself “a solid” and get my very own blog. VIOLA HERE IT IS.

So let me formally introduce myself. It’s Berkley, Berkley Mac. A little about me, well,  “I wish I was a little bit taller,I wish I was a baller”… buuuuuut I’ll settle for being exactly who I am; an ambitious, anxiety ridden, social, loving and sometimes sarcastic woman. 😉

Ill start by giving you 5 fun facts about myself (without giving you all my dirty secrets all at once and losing you before I’ve even caught yah):

1) I’m an old soul trapped in a young, wild, crazy woman’s body

2) I love to laugh, what I love even more making my friends laugh ( cheesy jokes and embarrassing myself included)

3) I make mistakes, All of the time … I cant wait to share them all with you

4) TED talks are my favourite type of talks. (besides that awkward sex talk my parents gave me at 15, that was also a favourite, watching your father squirm is always entertaining.)

5) AND MOST IMPORTANT, I am still learning… in every aspect of my life and probably will be for the rest of my life

My hope is to share some of my experiences, some of my worries, some handy tips, some tricky tricks, some of my successes and some of my failures with you. SO lets get started.

2 comments on “Blog-ginity … taken.

  1. Sounds like you will have a blog with a good sense of humor

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