Tuesdays Treasures

By working my little tush off at the office this morning it left time for some much needed on-line exploring and it occurred to me that I should share some of my life/closet, must-have or as some call them staple items.

So, here we have my favourite sunnies, bra, and polish; the ultimate start your day and end your day exfoliator, a must have maxi, my favourite scent and a minimalist card holder. I consider these staple items for multiple reasons but lets start with the Michael Kors Sicily Aviator ($99 on-line at http://www.michaelkors.com); these can be worn for almost any occasion; a summer wedding, a cali-coast road trip, or a rocky mountain hike. I wear them everywhere and the best thing about them, they suit almost any face; even that of my scruffy, lumberjack resembling,boyfriend. (I’ve caught him wearing them a few times driving!)

This lingerie CLASSIC; The Date Unlined Bra ($28.50-$30.00 on-line at http://www.victoriassecret.com/) can be both sexy and sweet. It comes in 8 different patterns and I must say with the right sizing this bad boy can make even the most itty-bitty-titties look fabulous! PLUS its almost as comfy as going commando!

When it comes to my nails, I like to keep it neutral, this shade; Allure ($8.50 on-line at www.essie.com) will match with any mood and any outfit. I don’t like to look like I’m “trying to hard” when it comes to my nails, this simple sheer polish, screams “mentally stable” it also is less likely to show my laziness when it chips ;-).

The Minimalist Maxi Dress ($17.80 on-line at http://canada.forever21.com/ ) can pair perfectly with your “anytime-sunnies”, its a low maintenance look that has a girly flare with its thigh-high slit. The best thing about a maxi is no matter what time of year, it’s almost always weather appropriate; a sunny day at the beach or a rainy day at your regular brunch spot. AND I could say “when paired with the proper tights”, “IT WORKS EVEN IN THE SNOW” but lets be serious the only thing weather appropriate for a snowy day is a onsie.

Like I said before; this next “Must- Have” is the way I like to start my day and end my day; after the first time I used the Clarisonic Mia2 ($150 online at http://www.clarisonic.com), I was hooked. My skin felt so refreshed, I compare it to the amazing feeling of clean I get after seeing  my dental hygienist. The 60 seconds of the pulsing exfoliation, are more affective than the 35 minutes I used to spend cleansing and applying face masks every 2 weeks. Now,  find it very rare that I am applying a deep pore cleansing mask, maybe a couple times a year.

MMMMMMMM its sooooo bombilicious, I love love love Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf  ($185 on-line at Sephora.com) , its too bad I’m not rich enough to wear it as an everyday scent. It’s a weekend scent that’s for sure but its well worth dropping a couple billllzzz for. I’ll admit I have expensive taste when it comes to some things and this is definitely one of those things. All it takes is one whiff, and you’ll fall into its spell, its like magic,  VIKTOR&ROLF I’m onto you.

Now, that I’ve admitted one of my guilty pleasures and that occasionally I like to give myself a little “luxury” (yes I consider $185 for a scent luxury) lets get back to one of my simple staples, the Flat Card Case in Saffiano Leather ( $38 on-line at http://www.coach.com). I use this as an everyday wallet, since I’ve graduated from the server lifestyle, I rarely carry cash so this card holder is perfect. I used to lug around a bulky wallet that I had to sort through once every 6 months, filled with useless business cards and expired coupons.  Not any more! PERKS: I never have to down-size when I’m hitting the town, and when the Canadian gov’t kicked the penny to the curb, I wasn’t running to the bank to cash mine in, with this baby I didn’t have room to collect them. This little guy adds some simplicity to that junk drawer I call a purse.

Hopefully, some of these every day staples and “must have” make their way into your life soon! & If you already have them, lemme know if you agree!

Sincerely, Berkley

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2 comments on “Tuesdays Treasures

  1. rosariagrace says:

    Love the Essie nail polish! My fav brand by a mile 🙂

    rosariagrace.wordpress.com xx

  2. Yes! I would have to agree with you. My face feels so refreshed and clean….a deep clean. #Clarisonic

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