Second Chance Vanity

I’m a huge fan of vintage and antique furniture, the fine lines and small details make me weak in the knees. Don’t get me wrong I have at least 3 IKEA Lack pieces and in my home and they play an essential role in setting the tone of a room, but nothing screams character like hand-crafted goods.

Although they are considered “old”, “pre-owned” and “hand-me-downs”, these treasures don’t come cheap, even the items that need a little love and elbow grease can come at a hefty price.

A DREAM, yes I said dream, of mine was, to own a sit down vanity that I could fill with my girly treats and could sit at every morning while I smeared on my war paint. (War paint is needed for Monday’s) It was the reason it took me so long to kick off my refinishing hobby, after months of looking or the perfect piece, my man brought home an antique dresser he claimed was the perfect piece to give me a kick start at refinishing . Although it wasn’t what I wanted (I know, I know, I’m a brat), I knew he was right , I needed to be patient and wait till the perfect vanity came along. Until then I would make a hobby of bringing life back to dressers and kitchen tables and chairs.

CHRISTMAS MORNING That smart man of mine unveiled a beautiful antique vanity. A match made in heaven. And just recently, the weather finally warmed up enough to let us start on this treasure.

Although, this wasn’t our first project it was a challenge, instead of being solid wood like the rest of our project this had a thin layer of wood veneer. Before we could start the sanding process, we had to use wood glue to repair a few areas where the veneer and de-laminated from the base. I’l give you a brief list of the steps we took and then Ill tell you two of the most important things I have learnt from giving furniture a “SECOND CHANCE”.

Steps : remove handles, remove seat of bench, measure handles and fabric of seat, sand, wash, let dry, stain, realize you don’t like it, sand again, pick new stain, stain again, wait to dry, replace bench fabric, replace seat of bench, replace handles, fill the drawers with your girl treats.

LESSON # 1) Expect surprises – It’s not always going to look the way you expected, especially if you’re a rookie at this sort of thing.

LESSON # 2) Its not DONE till you say its DONE – Its’s YOURS, and its okay to START OVER if you’re not happy, the point of these sort of projects is not only; to have something beautiful in the end but also, to appreciate the work that went into it.

Here are some photo collections of our “MY VANITY” project, if you want details and product names; COMMENT and I’ll post some details.

Sanding and staining


Choosing the perfect fabric; this was really hard for me, I really liked the green geometric pattern but I wanted it in black and white. I settled for the swirls… FOR NOW.

vanity 2

Finished Product… It may have taken 3 days but I’m all smiles now!

vanity 9

Good Luck on your RE-finishing projects!

Sincerely, Berkley